Supporting Colleagues Mental Health

Speaking up to help others

Throughout 2019 many colleagues shared their experiences to help reduce stigma around mental illness in the workplace.

One colleague accessed telephone counselling through the Employee Assistance Programme. He then saw his GP, which in turn led to treatment through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and psychotherapy. 

Equality for mental and physical health

We are passionate advocates for removing the stigma attached to mental ill health, actively creating a culture of openness and support, while developing efforts to prevent mental health challenges.

We all have mental health as well as physical health, and our approach focuses on addressing it in the same way as we would any physical condition.

I am incredibly grateful for the support I have had from every quarter. I recognise that I have been fortunate, and many others may not have access to the support I did. I’m sharing my story, to act as an advocate for the support I received

Colleague at Lloyds Banking Group

Equality for mental and physical health

Advocating the need for support

Lloyds Banking Group are a founding signatory of the Mental Health at Work Commitment, and our colleague wellbeing resources provide a range of support including direct access to counselling services.

We also offer colleagues private medical benefits that give parity to mental and physical health conditions. We recognise prevention is equally as important as support, and we launched a personal resilience portal to help colleagues better understand preventative measures available for both mental and physical health.