Making banking easier for homeless people

Banking for homeless people

Homelessness is a very real challenge facing all cities across the UK and accessing bank services is just one problem homeless people face. It is very hard to secure a job without having access to a bank account or to claim benefits, which is trapping people in a cycle of homelessness.

The Lloyds Bank Flagship Branch on Manchester’s Market Street is working with Barnabus, the Booth Centre and other local charities to help people affected by homelessness to access banking products and services to support them in their journey to regaining financial independence.

Working in partnership

By working with the charities and the Manchester Homelessness Partnership to understand the social, economic, and health issues associated with homelessness, colleagues at our Market Street Branch were able to respond in a way that met the needs of their clients.

The success of this partnership has given way to developing further relationships between branches and local charities in Glasgow, Cardiff and London as we move into 2019.

Overcoming Barriers together

“Working in partnership with frontline charities across Manchester has opened my eyes to the size and scale of the challenge. Overcoming barriers associated with identification and opening a bank account allows clients to claim benefits, get accommodation, start work and live a normal life.”

James, Hargreaves, Local Director, Lloyds Bank Manchester

Eye-opening experience

Supporting disadvantaged people is at the heart of our Helping Britain Prosper Plan, and our collaboration with local charities in Manchester shows this is having a positive impact.

We believe we can make a substantial contribution to Britain’s social and economic prosperity, and with the the unprecedented levels of change in Britain today its more important than ever we stay true to our purpose of Helping Britain Prosper. 

Eye-opening experience