Inside Our Machine Intelligence Program

Inside Our Machine Intelligence Programme

Artificial Intelligence (AI) conjures up images of futuristic robots and space-age technology. But AI and Machine Learning (the application of AI) has been in use for decades.

At Lloyds Banking Group, we’ve been using machine learning to help us with credit scoring and mapping out risk.

As technology advances, so do the opportunities to use AI: saving time, lowering costs and enabling us to be the best bank for customers.

Our Machine Intelligence Programme brings together world-class data scientists and engineers to make the most of the opportunities that AI can offer. Teams work collaboratively across the business to improve how we operate, ultimately delivering a better experience for customers.


One success of the Machine Intelligence Programme has been the implementation of Robotics Process Automation to carry-out manual, repetitive processes. By using automation, we’re able to operate more robustly, ensuring accuracy and allowing colleagues across the bank to focus on more value-adding work.

Our deployment of Robotic Process Automations is recognised as being within the top 3% world-wide1, supporting over 90 processes across the Group.

With millions of customers across the UK, there is a huge benefit in using technology to process large quantities of data quickly and accurately. Our Multimedia, Transcription and Analytics platform allows us to process unstructured data like audio conversations and convert them into more meaningful data.

Currently in development is a tool which will improve the way we support vulnerable customers, by scanning phone call transcripts and identifying key words or phrases, we're able to ensure our colleagues have met the customer's specific needs.


Our Machine Learning lab has been working closely with our customer service teams to better understand when our customers need us most. Using existing data sources, the team were able to predict when call volumes will increase.

Our customer service teams use these insights to manage staffing levels – ensuring our team of expert advisers are available and on hand when our customers need us most.

I’m really excited by how machine learning is being applied across the Group. By continuing to invest in data science, we’ll be able to solve complex problems increasingly faster than we would otherwise.

Lucy Sweet, Engineering Lead, Machine Intelligence Programme


The implementation of chat-bots over the past few years has allowed us to provide a more timely response to our customers. Through our Virtual Assistant labs, we’ve built a chatbot platform to support our Mobile Banking customers with their day to day banking queries. Now over 25% of conversations are resolved by our chatbots, resulting in an increase in customer satisfaction due to faster responses.

The labs have upskilled customer service colleagues to train and manage virtual assistants, ensuring we are continuously monitoring the quality of interactions with customers and continually improving the level of service we provide.

As we move into a new decade, we’re clear on the opportunities that AI offers. Through our Machine Intelligence Programme, we’ve proven the impact that AI can have, and as we move into a new decade we’re excited to maximise the potential of this technology and use it to be the best bank for our customers.