Support for Armed Forces

Support for Armed Forces

As part of the Group’s support for the Armed Forces, we have been funding a state-of-the-art clinical rehabilitation centre for members of the Armed Forces.

The Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC) near Loughborough opened in 2018, as a 21st century successor to Headley Court. It mirrors all of the things that Headley Court did for 70 years. But the centre is entirely bespoke with enhanced rehabilitation capability in many areas.

The high price that members of the Armed Forces can pay for serving the nation is well known. The centre ensures that seriously injured sailors, soldiers and members of the RAF feel looked after and get the best possible care.

Technology and Therapy

The new centre combines technology with proven therapy.

It has buildings and spaces specially designed to aid the healing process. It contains includes gyms, a range of swimming and hydrotherapy pools, a gait lab and all the elements essential for its clinical purpose. That purpose includes rehabilitation of the most seriously injured members of the Armed Forces but also, importantly, returning those who have been injured in the course of training to work.

The design of the building and the architecture have been carefully thought through to match very precisely to the clinical needs of patients and best rehab practice. The space includes carefully crafted courtyards which serve a clinical purpose as well as being pleasing in their own right, social spaces, places for relaxation and doing all of those things that serving members of the Armed Forces would associate with their ship, regiment or air station. It has the feel of a military establishment but patients know immediately that it is a very special place.

Humbling experience

Colleagues from Lloyds Banking Group visited the centre to see first-hand the work that the centre was doing.

Before starting his career in financial services,Tony, Relationship Director at Lloyds Banking Group, served for eight years with the Royal Green Jackets, an infantry regiment in the British Army.

“Visiting the DNRC was a very humbling experience. I’d been following the build of the Centre and was really pleased to have the opportunity to see it for myself. I also felt really proud to see the plaque dedicated to the Group in recognition of its support.

Many of our Service men and women and their families often pay a big price to serve our country and many return with life-changing injuries. The Ministry of Defence does a great job of support but I’m really proud that the Group decided to contribute so the Centre can achieve even more.”

The Centre has incredible views over the Leicestershire countryside and has a really calm, peaceful and welcoming environment. I can imagine that if you were posted there for rehabilitation, you would feel like you’d come home. That’s how it made me feel. As a father, I know that if my child was there receiving such great rehabilitation support, I would feel so grateful.

Tony, Relationship Director, Lloyds Banking Group

Our support

Over the last five years the Group has donated £1m annually to the DNRC Charity building the Centre, and has now contributed £5m in total.

We have also donated a further £150,000 a year for the next ten years to fund an educational post which will promote the vocational rehabilitation of people who experience a disabling injury so that they can return to work.

Our contribution is part of the commitment we made when we signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant.