Beacon House

Our Charitable Foundations

In 2016, we donated more than £18.5m to the Group’s four Foundations, which cover England & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands. Our contribution to the Foundations, which work independently from the Group, has enabled them to make grants to local, regional and national charities – most of which focus on support disadvantaged people during key transitions in their lives.

The grants provided by the Foundations are increasingly used to help charities become more efficient and more effective fundraisers on their own right. Our colleagues provide a resource from which the Foundations can draw on business skills that many charities require.

Helping homelessness in colchester

A £65,922 grant over three years from Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales enables the charity, Beacon House Ministries to provide health and wellbeing services for homeless people.

The grant funds the salary of a Centre Manager, who coordinates the charity’s services. These include washing and laundry facilities, clothing donations, hot meals and advice about how to overcome issues that make it hard to find permanent accommodation. Vivienne Wiggins, Chief Executive of Beacon House also benefits from the support and advice of her Lloyds Banking Group Mentor, Chris Gardiner.

“Funding means we can plan for the long-term and my mentor provides a critical friend when we think about our strategy.”

Vivienne Wiggins, CEO Beacon House

Sustainable Funding

All four of the Foundations receive on-going and sustainable funding from Lloyds Banking Group. Together they comprise the largest corporate foundation in the UK. Since 1985 they’ve distributed almost £600 million to charities.

Through our targets in the Helping Britain Prosper Plan, the Group will help communities to prosper through doing more to address inequality but also through leveraging colleagues’ talent and skills as mentors. The Group’s target is to support 10,000 charities through our Foundations by 2020.

Helping Communities Prosper

Communities across Britain are facing significant challenges. We’re helping to address them through our Helping Britain Prosper Plan. We believe no other bank is better placed to do this. We already serve approximately 25 million customers and 1 million small businesses but we want to be more than a bank. We want to go beyond business as usual and help address systemic social and economic challenges such as Britain’s housing shortage, the skills gap in key industries, social mobility and social disadvantage.

In 2016 we continued our support for communities by:

- Giving our four independent charitable Foundations £18.5m to tackle disadvantage.

- Completing more than 260,000 hours of colleague volunteering.  Skills-based volunteering, now accounts for 35% of the total time contributed by colleagues to support local organisations.

- Raising £6.1 million for our Charity of the Year, BBC Children in Need.

- Supporting credit unions across the country with our colleagues' expertise.

- Signing up 23,000 colleagues as Digital Champions to support people and organisations in their local communities – exceeding our original target to create 20,000 by 2017.

  1. Helping Britain Prosper Plan 2016