Helpful A-Z glossary listing key Lloyds Banking Group terms and their definition

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Securitisation is a process by which a group of assets, usually loans, are aggregated into a pool, which is used to back the issuance of new securities.

Sovereign exposures

Exposures to central governments and central government departments, central banks and entities owned or guaranteed by the aforementioned.

Specialist mortgages

Specialist mortgages include those mortgage loans provided to customers who have self-certified their income (normally as a consequence of being self-employed) or who are otherwise regarded as a subprime credit risk. New mortgage lending of this type has not been offered by the Group since early 2009.

Standardised Approach

In relation to credit risk, a method for calculating credit risk capital requirements using External Credit Assessment Institutions (ECAI) ratings of obligors (where available) and supervisory risk weights. In relation to operational risk, a method of calculating the operational risk capital requirement by the application of a supervisory defined percentage charge to the gross income of specified business lines.

Stress testing

Stress and scenario testing is the term used to describe techniques where plausible events are considered as vulnerabilities to ascertain how this will impact the capital resources which are required to be held.

Structured entities (SEs)

SEs are entities that have been designed so that voting or similar rights are not the dominant factor in determining who controls the entity, such as when voting rights relate to administrative tasks only and the relevant activities are directed by means of contractual arrangements. SEs often have specific restrictions around their ongoing activities and are created to accomplish a narrow and well-defined objective.

Sub-investment grade

This refers to credit ratings issued by external credit rating agencies that are below ‘BBB’ grade or its equivalent.

Subordinated liabilities

Liabilities which, in the event of insolvency or liquidation of the issuer, are subordinated to the claims of depositors and other creditors of the issuer.