Our Access Network

Our Access Network

The Access Network is the voice of colleagues with disabilities or long-term health conditions in Lloyds Banking Group, and aims to provide them with support, development and networking opportunities, through various channels. Membership of the network, however, is open to everyone, whether with or without a disability.  Access also supports disabled colleagues’ line managers, with manager-specific information and upskilling. The network has an online Support Forum and intranet site with disability-related support, a mentoring scheme and a scheme connecting colleagues with various business areas who offer job shadowing opportunities.

Sarah Lavender

“I think the Group’s focus on Inclusion and Diversity is extremely useful for people who have disabilities, as it means we have the knowledge and resources to support those who need it” - Sarah Lavender, Group Transformation.

Ross Hovey

“The Access network is the voice of the disabled colleague and working in partnership with our team I hope we can continue to make the Group a disability inclusive employer” - Ross Hovey, Group Disability Programme

Louis Jameson

“Since joining LBG in 2013, I have been given all the support I need to manage my disability, but colleagues recognise me for the value I add to the business, like they would any other colleague.” - Louis Jameson, Group Disability Programme