Clare Stone

Mortgage Adviser, St Austell


I typically get to work at around 8.40am and the first thing I do is to check my emails so I’ve answered any queries and am up to date with the current progress of all my customers mortgages. I’m very much part of a team and every branch has a team huddle each morning where good news stories are shared. This gives everyone a real feel good factor about their roles. It’s imperative we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. So it's good to hear how we’ve helped with various aspects of their banking and of the difference we’ve made to their lives. 

I usually see a maximum of three customers a day advising on their individual requirements. I also deal with estate agents, solicitors and accountants to ensure the mortgages are progressing smoothly and in a timely manner. It’s important to keep everyone concerned informed. It’s important that all of my cases are written up and properly documented so there’s paperwork to complete which takes up the rest of my time.


I’ve worked for Lloyds Bank for just over twenty eight years and was sixteen when I joined. As my parents and grandparents had always banked with Lloyds Bank, I was extremely proud to secure a job with this excellent high street brand. During my time here I’ve done various jobs. I started as a cashier then went onto being  a General Insurance Adviser, then a Financial Adviser and finally  then onto my current role of nineteen years as a Mortgage Adviser. Lloyds Bank has always supported me in my career development and it’s been good to be earning whilst learning new skills. Lloyds have given me adequate study time and even paid for me to take my Banking, Financial Planning & Cemap ® exams. Lloyds Bank is very much an advocate of career development.


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