Mo Ditta

Branch Manager, Cheetam Hill


I’ve worked for the Halifax for over ten years and currently work at the Cheetham Hill branch. After graduation, I was thrilled to secure a permanent position here, as the Halifax is a bank that everyone knows, and it’s supported me with great career progression and job security. I started on a fast track programme, working my way from being a cashier, which involves processing counter transactions, to my current role as a Branch Manager. The best thing I like about my job is working with great people and the opportunity it gives me to make a difference to customer’s lives.


As a Branch Manager, I start my working day at around 8am. This isn’t an expectation - I choose to do it so as it I can prepare my morning team huddle.  I review my agenda which I make sure includes motivating, supporting, coaching and developing my team. Service is at the heart of my day – you’ll find me helping on the reception desk or in the banking hall, directing customers to the person or to the service they need. This also helps me support the Group’s vision to be the best bank for customers.  I am incredibly proud of our products and services and there’s always a buzz in the branch. I enjoy working as a team and getting to know my regular customers.


Outside work, I enjoy spending quality time with my wife and four children - playing football, cricket, going for a swim and family meals. The Halifax always gives me the flexibility to balance my home and work life – for instance, I’m a practising Muslim and making sure I have time to pray during my working hours has never been an issue.

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