Michelle Robbins

Bank Manager, Petts Wood


I have worked at Lloyds Bank for the past seven years now. I joined the bank as a cashier at the age of forty. I felt very proud to join Lloyds as I was approached in the banking hall by a local director on my way to do my day to day banking and asked if I’d like to join. My career soon started and has progressed from there. I’ve children who’ve also joined the bank because of my positive attitude towards such a fantastic career. From the support I’ve been able to give them, learned from my expertise in the role, one of them has just been appointed a Bank Manager after two years working in the bank. We all truly feel we have a role that matters.


During the past seven years I’ve spent with Lloyds, I’ve worked in six different branches. I’ve met some wonderful people on my journey, creating a lifetime of memories. I’ve been promoted four times since I joined starting as a cashier and now at my goal stage, as a Bank Manager. I can't thank such a fantastic and dedicated team enough for the amazing support, management and teamwork I have been blessed with during my time here.


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