Tilly Harvey-Godfrey

Senior Sourcing Manager                                                    Group Sourcing

What attracted you to applying for a role at Lloyds Banking Group?

I was at a good point in my career, after gaining visibility in the industry over a high profile project that had been nominated for an award, and looking to make the next step in terms of scope, size and potential to further my aspirations. I was approached by an agency about potential opportunities at Lloyds Banking Group and decided that it was a really good fit that aligned with my objectives.

What is your current role about?

My role within the Group is to lead the sourcing strategy and development within one of the Group Sourcing categories – HR Services.

I manage all associated commercial activity within this remit to gain the best value possible for the Bank This involves being responsible for the full sourcing life cycle, from working with the business on initial strategy, tender activities, contract awards, transition and implementation, through to ongoing supplier management and ensuring value continues to be released from key relationships with external parties.

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What are the best things about working for Lloyds Banking Group?

For me, it’s the opportunity to work within an agile organisation. I require a flexible approach to areas such as working patterns, which is supported by my manager and work compressed hours to fit around my lifestyle. There is no firm start or finish time where I have to be rushing to my desk, as much of what I do is ‘outcome’ focussed. Delivering outcomes can mean working long hours or sometimes at the weekend during peak activity, but this is counteracted by quieter periods and the chance to catch up on other priorities, with shorter days.

Additionally the reward package is competitive within my location, and due to the size of the organisation there are plenty of opportunities when the time is right for me to progress.

Finally, the Bank is making strides in key areas of Diversity & Inclusion, with incredibly helpful networking opportunities with regards to Women and Accessibility, which is not always seen within the financial services industry.



My role matters because choosing who we work with externally can have a big impact on the operations, finances and reputation of an organisation.

My role is to ensure that we source responsibly, with minimal risk, and that the best value possible can be extracted for the benefit of both the Bank and its Suppliers.

Your fascinating fact

I used to be an amateur boxer, and so I’m currently trying to find time in my life to take it up again, in between raising my five year old daughter and planning the next road trip to the Eurovision Song Contest with friends (I’ve already been to two!)


Morning: I park up and enjoy a 10 minute jaunt into the office, dodging cyclists and picking up my morning coffee on the way.

After logging on, I go through my diary and ensure I’m prepared for any conference/video calls and face to face meetings diarised throughout the day. I will also go through prioritised emails from my team relating to the portfolio of work we cover to understand any immediate challenges.

The team is normally working on a wide variety of projects at any given time, all at various stages through the Sourcing lifecycle. This means that I could be attending anything from a meeting with key stakeholders on business strategy and objectives, to supplier presentations for various products and services within the category that we are currently tendering.

Lunch: I usually try and grab a quick bite to eat with any colleague who looks hungry around the same time as me, and use the time to catch up. Working in Sourcing you do get to know a lot of people, so there is almost always some sort of celebration/bake sale/club you end up at.

Afternoon: After lunch its back to the current projects on the pad. Calls regarding value release initiatives, benefits realisation, working on the overall category sourcing plan can usually fill an afternoon very quickly.

If time permits, touching base with some of the external industry news and highlights keep me and the team up to date with ongoing trends, and any interesting information relating to our category that we or our stakeholders may be interested to know.

I dedicate this time to responding to emails that have come in throughout the day, and resolving challenges with key partners within the business, such as Supplier Management, and the cost management units.

Hometime: Leave the office so I can get home to see my daughter and husband. If time permits, a session at the martial arts academy I am a member of, which usually means an aching body for the next day (which is when I usually choose to work from home!)

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