Michael Snowden

Senior Manager | Finance

What attracted you to applying for a role at Lloyds Banking Group?

I wanted to work for Lloyds Banking Group due to its reputation of being a large company that offered opportunities and career progression, along with a competitive reward package.

Your current role

I currently provide financial support to the Central Infrastructure Services business unit with Group IT.  This encompasses a budget of c. £185m for a key area of the business that handles all of the Banks Mainframe processing the millions of transactions per second that the bank undertakes, storage and database needs.  This role includes P&L / Balance management, production of monthly management accounts, expenditure approval and contract negotiation support.

How long have you worked within the Group?

I have been with the Group for 8 years, and during this time I have performed a wide variety of roles, including portfolio management, Finance Business Partner, Cost transfer pricing and Transformation.  I have made a key contribution to some high profile projects including the TSB divestment, introduction of a contract management database and modelling a rate card for IT investment resource.  In this time I have been promoted from an Assistant Manager, through to a Senior Finance Manager.

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What advice would you give to someone joining Lloyds Banking Group?

Lloyds Banking Group has fantastic opportunities for career progression and very well structured training programs in place. My advice would be to embrace the size of the company in order to develop yourself, build and retain relationships with colleagues that you meet on the way and thus ensure that you are realising your potential and giving maximum benefit back to the company.


A role that matters

IT is an integral part of the group strategy, allowing the bank to deliver automation and competitive advantage.  I.e.  Supporting faster payments, mortgage application reviews online.  As such it is a significant proportion of the banks overall cost base.

Without IT the bank wouldn’t be able to function in its current guise.  By working closely with our IT colleagues in ensuring that financial risks are mitigated, that we provide value for money and that we enter into the right long term 3rd party agreements, we can help ensure that the bank delivers on its annual results, allowing it to satisfy its shareholders and invest in improving the customer experience / maintaining the resilience of our IT estate.


Morning: After checking my emails / getting a coffee I make a list of the key activities I want to complete / make progress on during the day.

My team has a Service Excellence huddle each member of the team expresses how they are feeling, their workload if they need any help, any key priorities or issues that they have.

Begin tackling my list of priorities.  This could involve month end activity / reviews, balance sheet attestations, quantifying the ongoing impact of business cases, approval of spend requests / contractor renewals, third party contract reviews or other ad-hoc queries.  There are usually a number of meetings interspersed into this.

Lunch: I am usually very hungry at this point so I will eat my packed lunch - usually at my desk or head out for some cooked food with colleagues.

Afternoon: Typically after lunch, a number of other priorities / ad-hoc queries have landed on my desk so I might need to re-prioritise my workload for the remainder of the day.  I will work through this during the afternoon.  If I am sitting with my stakeholders which I try and do at least 2 days a week, I will spend some time with them either running through their financials or discussing some of the risks / issues that might be on the horizon.

I also update the Service Excellence sharepoint site to support the huddle that will be held the following morning.

Hometime: I draw to an end what I am working on and leave for home.

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