Helen Baker

Senior Marketing Manager                                                    Group Brands and Marketing

Your current role

I lead a vibrant team of marketers in the creation of all the essential information customers need when they buy home insurance – e.g. brochures in branches, info and video content on our websites, 3 million renewal letters, product summaries and terms and conditions literature. We do this for Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland brands. It is highly complex area, but we try to demystify it for our customers through use of carefully considered design, language & media.

What attracted you to working for Lloyds Banking Group?

I had worked for Lloyds TSB earlier in my career and wanted to return.  I knew working at Lloyds at senior level was demanding, but it was also highly engaging and rewarding and I missed it. Of all the brands I have worked for, at Lloyds I have felt the most in control in shaping the work I do and driving the outcomes I would like to see. Also, the location, holidays and flexibilities enable me to balance my family life really well. Few employers I have worked for can compare in that regard.

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How is Group Brands and Marketing helping Lloyds Banking Group become the best bank for customers?

Group Brands and Marketing is a visionary business area with a very strong, capable and driven team of over 450 colleagues. We champion the customer voice by our interaction with almost every other business unit in Lloyds Banking Group. We are developing new simplified customer experiences using digital media whilst also transforming old ways of doing things. If it doesn’t benefit customers, we don’t do it!

I think my area is a great place to work as it has high expectations of us all and ruthlessly prioritises what it invests in. It can be very challenging, but the work feels meaningful, significant and worthwhile.



My role enables me to champion the customers’ perspective and drive through changes to improve their engagement in and understanding of their home insurance. My team issue over 4 million communications each year. Getting these contacts right helps build customer trust in all our brands.

Our customers have told us that they do not wish to be overwhelmed by jargon and complexity. They want the right level of information at the right point in time. With this in mind, we systematically work our way through all customer information making it as simple as we possible can. We also create new communications in new media such as videos and online tools. I believe that the work we do really helps customers when it matters and this sense of purpose is motivating.

As a senior leader in Group Brands and Marketing, I also coach marketing teams supporting other product areas on best practice, so I am also able to make a difference way beyond my immediate team.


Morning: If I am not already on a call, I join team dash to on-site Costa for cup of tea; I don’t tend to look at emails until 10am if I can help it as they can immediately draw you in; I check Blackberry for urgent ones; instead I will work on a paper or a problem, write a few lists, talk to my team and make a few calls.

Email trawl; quick read, delete or delegate; I often have 70-100 emails a day; it can feel overwhelming but I have my own methods of prioritising!

Face to face with one of my direct reports; usually walk through project plans and progress, review new in-progress creative, develop agency briefs or presentations; discuss wider team and stakeholder themes.

Lunch: Get away from the desk; sometimes go out for a while; often steal 20 mins to read a good book to give brain a rest.

Afternoon: Dial into Senior Managers’ meeting weekly teleconference; we discuss news, issues and emerging new work; we also spent a great deal of time discussing day to day leadership of the function.

Telecon with consultant regarding preparation for training colleagues in the art of Behavioural Science.

Team Huddle over tea – I update team on news, what I have been up to and brief them on new work; team members use time to update us on emerging creative and project progress; sometimes we use the time for training; informal.

30 minute last-minute telecon highlighting timing plan slippage on in-flight large project; discuss with peers across functions how to pull it back on track.

Home time: Email blitz; final sign of new creative waiting in my inbox; bit of HR admin using the online system; printing for next day; sometimes a bit of mandatory online training; sometimes a quick call to my boss who is hard to reach during the day; cup of tea before drive home.

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