Edd Layton

Marketing Manager | Group Brands and Marketing

What attracted you to applying for a role at Lloyds Banking Group?

The chance to work for a business with a wide range of different roles, providing lots of opportunities for professional and personal development.

The Group provided a great opportunity to understand what types of roles fitted my skills set and what areas of business interested me. I’ve been able to take advantage of this over the last 9 years having worked in 3 different business areas, in 8 different roles, as well as moving from Gloucester to London while remaining within Group.

I originally started with the Group 9 years ago as a mortgage advisor in a C&G call centre back in my home town of Gloucester. After 3 years in mortgage sales I changed career direction with the aim of working in a more creative area, moving into an internal communications and support role within the mortgage product team. This role enabled me to gain the relevant experience needed to move into Marketing 18 months later (and to the bright lights of London).

Having spent just over 2 years in Marketing Communications I moved to Brand Strategy, and then onto Marketing Performance, where I’ve been for the past 12 months.

Your current role

I currently work in the Marketing performance team within Group Brands and Marketing. The team provide analysis and insight to GB&M and other stakeholders on subjects including marketing performance, competitor activity, brand perceptions, customer insight, or any other interesting data that can help improve our performance.

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Why is Group Brands and Marketing a great place to work?

Group Brands and Marketing are responsible for the core marketing outputs for the Group – covering Retail, Commercial and Insurance.

The activity we deliver is one of the key ways we communicate with consumers and demonstrate to them what our brands stand for.

The messaging we use hopefully establishes us in the customers mind as the best bank for customers, and the fact we have this responsibility, plus the passion and commitment of the team to deliver this, makes this business area a great place to work.



Our team analyse and report insight which is presented to senior executives within the Group – including our Group Chief Executive and his leadership team . To know that the work you do plays a part in decisions that drive the business forward gives me a great deal of satisfaction and a feeling that my role matters.

What are the best things about working for Lloyds Banking Group?

I think the most important reasons I’ve stayed with the Group is opportunities for career progression and personal development that the business offers. There are so many varied roles across different business areas that you can always look to learn new skills while also maximising the existing skills you have.

Having originally started in a sales and customer service role, I’ve been able to progress into an area that better suits my skills set. The Group have continually supported me in doing this; whether promoting mentor opportunities that have helped me build development plans, receiving support of line managers to gain experience in other business areas, or offering financial support to take professional qualifications. All of these things have helped me progress to the role I’m in today.


Morning: Arrive at the office and try and catch up with a few emails before the normal rush of questions from stakeholders on insight we’ve recently delivered.

During the start and end of the month I’ll be working through Ad hoc insight requests relating to anything from customer brand insight to competitor performance. In the middle of the month we deliver our brand health reporting cycle, so for 2 weeks each day is filled with meetings and presentation development to deliver the brand health targets to the Group Executive Commitee – which directly impact the businesses overall performance rating.

Lunch: The challenge is choosing what to have from the many different food places around the office in London…and not spending a fortune!

Afternoon: The morning activity tends to continue into the afternoon. During the reporting cycle this could include developing the brand stories for the month from customer perception data we receive, or building charts to help support these stories. In 2015 we’re targeted on customer and non-customer consideration, trust and value for money for our brands, so a lot of time is taken to understand what is driving this performance and how we can improve it where needed. When we’re out of reporting cycle, alongside the ad hoc data requests, I try to improve the existing reporting models we have – whether looking for new insight from across the business, or improving the processes we follow to deliver the work.

Often we’ll run calls during a reporting cycle to gather inputs on the brand stories from other areas. This can involve a number of stake holders from across GB&M – including Brand Strategy, Customer Insight, Customer Change and Marketing Performance. Once the story is finalised the rest of the day will be spent completing the relevant reports to be issued to Catherine Kehoe (MD, Group Brands & Marketing) -  for approval, and then onto Vim Maru’s (Director, Group Customer Products & Marketing) office, and finally to Group Strategy for business reporting.

Hometime: Leave the office and (where the motivation will allow) head to the gym, before going home and slogging away in the kitchen for an hour to produce something that never tends to live up to the effort I put in. My girlfriend always says it tastes pretty good, but I have a feeling she is an excellent liar!

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