Andrea Melville

Group Propositions Director,                                                Group Customer Products & Marketing

What attracted you to applying for a role at Lloyds Banking Group?

When I first arrived in the UK (from Australia), I applied for a role at Lloyds TSB as I was told by the recruiter that it was one of the best retail bank brands in the country.  9½  years later I’m still here and have to agree!  I have loved my time at Lloyds Banking Group and have worked with, and for, some fantastic people.  I’ve been privileged to have some great people work for me too!  Lloyds Banking Group is all about the collective people, relationships and conversations.

Your current role

I have worked for Lloyds Banking Group for about 9 ½ years, primarily in product roles.  I have worked in Savings, Investments and Performance & Market Insight.  I am currently working in Group Propositions.  My role is looking at ways to create a coherent story for our customers by looking at the propositions we do, and could in future, offer them.

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Why is Group Customer Products and Marketing a great place to work?

Group Customer Products & Marketing (GCP&M) is helping the Bank become the Best Bank for customer by constantly challenging ourselves to see if we are beginning with the customer in mind.  GCP&M is a division which challenges our decisions and our status quo to make sure we are starting with customer focused insight, developing this through to customer focused actions and following up by checking we have delivered customer relevant outcomes.



My role is about putting the customer at the heart and start of our decision making!  I get to work across divisions and with so many different people, all with the purpose of centring our business on what our customers want and need.

What are the key things about working for Lloyds Banking Group?

Lloyds Banking Group is a great place to work.  It has provided me with opportunities to learn and develop, given me challenging roles, good exposure and rewarded my efforts with trust and an exciting career.  I like working for an organisation which is part of the UK recovery story and which is focused on good customer outcomes.


First thing: The day begins... my son Freddie (4 and ½) has a great knack of knowing when I am awake... and the day always begins with a request to play Lego or make up a story about pirates, magicians, dragons and knights...

There are usually cuddles from both Freddie and his younger sister GG (13 months) before I untangle myself to head into the office.

Travel: I tube in to the office from Clapham and I love reading the paper on the way in, I love my iPad and can’t fathom reading a printed newspaper anymore (or carrying one around).

Morning: I start my day with a cup of tea and review of my diary. I pay particular attention to what meetings I have, I revisit the purpose and the audience and try to reflect on my role at each meeting and what I am hoping to achieve by attending. I like to be in early before meetings start so I can review my current priorities and plan out the day and the rest of the week.  I revisit any outstanding actions from the day before and make myself a short list of things that I need to do that day. 

My morning is then usually made up of a collection of meetings and conversations... with some reading and writing interspersed between.  I spend a lot of time in PowerPoint, but also try and read relevant internal paper and more generally from the market.

Networking: At least once a week I try and grab a coffee with someone I don’t normally work with.  Maybe someone I have worked with previously or someone whose work I am on the periphery of.  I really enjoy staying connected with people and find the interconnections of work across the organisation interesting and helpful.

Lunch: I usually buy my lunch and eat at my desk.  I like getting up and stretching my legs and having a bit of fresh air to help press ‘reset’ before embracing the afternoon.

Afternoon: Similar to my mornings, my afternoon is usually made up of a collection of meetings and conversations... with some reading and writing interspersed between. 

Before packing up, I look to the following day, to see what is coming.  I also have a quick mental review of my key projects and make note on where to start again tomorrow.

Every week I spend a good amount of time on the longer term view of my diary and look for key meetings and project milestones.

Hometime: I try and be home to get the kids to bed as often as I can. I help Freddie with his home work (he never has much as he is so little but he is currently practicing writing individual letters and starting to read by sounding out words and I like to be involved and see his progress).  I like to give GG her bed time bottle and then read Freddie a story before bed (we are currently working our way through the CS Lewis Narnia series). 

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