Martin Lewis

Head of Audit | Retail, Wealth & Insurance Operations     Group Audit

What attracted you to applying for a role at Lloyds Banking Group?

An ex-colleague of mine when I worked at the UK Payments Association suggested that my skills and experiences would be a good ‘fit’ for Group Audit. After speaking to the management team I was sold; got offered a role and I’ve never looked back. Keeping in touch with ex-colleagues and maintaining my professional network has been the reason why I have taken all roles in my career.

Your current role

I joined the Group Audit function and the Group in 2007. My current role is Head of Audit for Operational Risk, Servicing. I am responsible for making sure that key risks across the Group are being managed effectively.

Most recently my focus has been on some of the bank’s most important interactions it has with its customers such as how they apply for a mortgage and switch their current accounts from other banks or building societies.

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How is Group Audit helping Lloyds Banking Group become the best bank for customers?

Group Audit focuses on making sure that the Group does the right thing for its customers. My role allows me to spend time with front-line colleagues and walk ‘in their shoes’ observing processes and activities to truly appreciate the experience we are providing to our customers. This helps me focus my audit work to make the Bank a better place for both customers and also our front-line colleagues. 

Group Audit is a challenging and very supportive environment.  It’s a great place to learn and develop where you are equipped with the skills and capabilities to do your role effectively.   


a role that matters

I am privileged to have such an important role in the Group and playing a key part in helping the business execute the strategy safely. My work could not be more relevant – confirming that the bank has the right processes to help customers afford their dream home is truly Helping Britain Prosper.

Your fascinating fact

I am married and have 2 ‘lively’ young children! I have what my friends and family describe as an “unhealthy interest” in Watford Football Club and spend my Saturday’s watching them up and down the country.

My fascinating fact is I received a global award for my contribution to reducing crime at cash machines and ironically this was presented by world renowned fraudster Frank Abignail of ’Catch Me If You Can’ fame!