Stormy weather threatens neglected uk homes

25 October 2013

A quarter of UK homes could be under threat from the forecasted St Jude storm, according to research from Halifax Home Insurance.

According to the Halifax Insurance Home Maintenance Monitor, a quarter of homeowners have never checked the condition of their roof, yet a fifth (19%) of homes have suffered from an ingress of water in the past two years. One in 10 (10%) has been affected by windstorm damage and 9% has experienced damage caused by snow or freezing weather.

Yet more than a quarter of people (27%) are unaware of what is and isn’t covered by their home insurance.

Last year, Halifax Home Insurance handled 26,874 windstorm damage claims, which cost more than £15.5 million in total to put right. The insurer also registered 21,739 claims for burst and frozen pipes, costing an average of £1,779 to fix.

Martyn Foulds, senior claims manager at Halifax Home Insurance, said:
“Extreme weather, like the St Jude storm, can take its toll on homes. Homes that have been neglected throughout the year are particularly susceptible to further damage, as problems – such as slipped tiles or blocked guttering – which have previously been ignored, can be exacerbated by severe winds and rainfall.

"Homeowners should ensure their home is well maintained and protected against the elements by checking that the roof is in good condition, that loose items are secured and that low hanging branches, that could cause damage in a storm, are cut back.”

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