Nearly three in four holidaying brits set to Staycation this Easter

26 March 2013

  • New Halifax research published today shows how much impact the events of 2012 had on Brits’ holiday habits.

After the Olympics, Paralympics, and the Diamond Jubilee, one in six Brits are now more likely to holiday here in Britain. And the impact is immediately obvious this Easter, as nearly three quarters of those holidaying are staying in Britain. Brits most affected by the events of 2012 were those who live in London, and those aged between 25 and 34.

The research also shows that people expect British holidays to be cheaper, as the average expected spend for a week away in Britain is £388, which is £112 less than they'd expect to spend on a week in Europe. The extra spend shows just how important it is for Brits holidaying abroad to budget carefully.

Richard Washington, Halifax credit cards, says:
“We recently experienced our coldest March day for 27 years, so it is understandable that many Brits would be tempted by a beach holiday at the moment; but despite that, nearly
three quarters of Brits planning a break this Easter are holidaying here.

“2012 was a great year to be British, and there is no doubt the success of the Olympics, the Paralympics, and the Diamond Jubilee will encourage even more of us to experience what Britain has to offer. With nearly three quarters of those holidaying this Easter staying in Britain, the 2012 effect is clear, and nowhere is the impact more obvious than in the Capital, as 38% of Londoners say they are now more likely to holiday in Britain.

“With an expected spend of £500 in one week, those Brits holidaying abroad this Easter will need to budget carefully; with the Halifax Clarity credit card there are no fees or withdrawal charges when using the card abroad.”

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