Halifax Share Dealing comments on the rule change allowing AIM shares to be allowed in ISAs

05 August 2013

From today (5th August 2013) changes to the ISA rules will enable investors to hold shares in the companies listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) within a stocks & shares ISA. This will expand the range of permitted ISA investments by approximately 1,000 stocks.

Investors who wish to purchase shares listed on the AIM market in a stocks & shares ISA through Halifax Share Dealing will be able to do so from 8am on 5th August, either online or over the telephone.

Damian Stansfield, Halifax Share Dealing, comments:
"Widening access to the range of stocks investors can hold in an ISA increases the opportunity for individual portfolio diversification, and opens up the benefits of ISA investing to some of the best growth prospects in the market.

"It means the tax advantages previously only available with 'main market' shares and investment funds will now apply to stocks on the junior market, as dividends and gains arising from the growth of investments held in ISAs are tax-free.

"However, investors should always choose stocks or funds which fit their investment approach and objectives and not take on more risk than they are comfortable with. AIM shares can be volatile, with greater growth and loss potential than larger firms, while thinner trading volumes can also make spreads wider when trading."

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